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Limitfish Magazine 2nd Edition

This is the Outdoor Lifestyle Magazine about YOU. 

Volume 2 is filled with incredible photography and literature shared by everyday outdoors people just like YOU! 

LFM is %100 pure authentic. The experiences and memories shared in this fine piece of literature is bound by the passion of Outdoors Recreationists and creatively constructed by a staff of talented people hoping that when all the ingredients are mixed just right, a timeless book suitable for continuous display and reading pleasure has formed.  

Allow the colors of the moment and the words describing adventure inspire your outdoors imagination. In this issue Professional Canadian Angler Cara Carmichael, who was featured on issue # 1's cover, welcomes Cover Photo Winner Samantha Gay with an Exclusive interview that highlights Samantha's  accomplishments not only as an Angler but as a human being as well. Also included is a great article surrounding the myths about Bee Keeping and a truly scientific piece supplied by LFM's resident Fisheries Biologist that asks the question "Is Tournament Fishing Sustainable?"

Speaking of sustainability, readers will also find a very detailed article titled "Eat, Fish, and Shop Local" which is an introspective look at family run outdoors shops in a industry being swallowed up by big box stores. Of course, one of the more entertaining components to LFM is the "Story Behind The Photo" where as the magazine editor reached out to anglers who supplied a photo and encouraged them to write a short story about their photo. Limitfish Magazine has always secretly hoped that someday one of these new writers will really enjoy seeing their work in a credible publication and keep up the great work writing articles and telling fish stories!

Last but not least readers will find a very telling feature Titled "Shoreliners Union" that discretely explains one mans struggle coping with mental illness and how an impromptu fishing trip shines light on his road to recovery.

Limitfish Magazine... Buy the book and get the smiles free. 



Photo Feature - "Bass Boat Recall"

Follow along with Limitfish Media as we showcase some of our favorite boat photos and videos! There's something about being on the water, and that special connection between an angler and their boat. Visit the Limitfish Media Facebook page and hot the LIKE button on the photos and videos that you like best and vote for the winning boat!



Limitfish videos brings you an array of featured, unique Limitfish Media productions and shared content from online contributors.  We deliver exclusive footage with an "Indy" feel that brings you right into the action and emotion of each production, and we extend our viewership through 3rd party productions that are in-line with what you like to watch. 

Feature Video:  "4 Casts" - a story of what could have been

Feel the vibrations, smell the high octane fuel and put the hammer down!! Here is a short and dirty little clip to get your Bass boat blood pumping... ENJOY!!

There is moment in time while competing in a bass tournament an angler well come to terms with the results of a hookset.

One angler will rejoice as the fish of a lifetime comes deck side, securing his place at the top of the leader board, earning him thousands of dollars and writing in history the story that is. 

Another will drop to his knees with a gut wrenching feeling of missed opportunity, leaning back to feel the rod bend to the heft a scaly beast - then nothing. 


Photo Gallery

Limitfish Media's very own trigger man and Professional Beard Sean White captures some of the best photos in the field. 

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Limitfish Media Articles

New and interesting literary  ideas from the Limitfish Media editors.

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